Project Description:

Created by sports gambling enthusiasts, eXactasports is designed to make you a better handicapper by giving you reports of all your personal tendencies and trends. eXactasports keeps you, the player, informed about your picks and patterns to help you be more successful in your plays. With our automated tracking tools, we allow you to be able to analyze both your trends and league trends better as the weeks progress. We also want to keep you informed on your picks by keeping your week by week plays, your team plays, your ATS and over/under results, and by contrasting your straight vs. parlay vs. teaser performance(s). Let’s face it, sometimes you are on the wrong side of a team every week. With our record keeping analysis you can see which teams you are successful with, and which ones you are not. Ever wonder how you add up on home dogs vs. road favorites, or how you fare on the over when the game is on turf? Our Wager Tendencies page shows you this information and allows you to make a better, smarter play. We also have up-to-date-stats pages which will help you analyze every team’s trends from over/under on the road to ATS on grass. eXactasports was developed by gaming and sports enthusiasts to specifically help YOU, the player. Keeping you informed by analyzing your trends and league trends to make you a smarter, more informed player is what eXactasports is all about.

Project Details

  • Environment:

    ASP.NET 4.0, VB.Net, MS SQL Server 2008, AJAX, JQuery, High Charts, Linq to Entities Framework

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