Eat Right

Project Description:

Eat Right is a meal-delivery service that aims to supply users with locally-sourced ingredients and nutrition-packed recipes.

Admin Module:
1. Check the cancelled and paused orders.
2. Will have new registered users with Subscriptions(Monthly weekly and one time).
3. Will generate coupons for discount. Admin has to confirm the order.
4. Admin will import diet menu for upcoming weeks.
5. Admin can check total payments received and refund amount of cancelled order that admin has to pay.
6. In manage orders page admin can view the order delivery address, with status update.
7. He can search the orders based on subscriptions, Category(Classic, Paleo, Keto & Meatless), Status of order, and by payment status.

Demo URL:

Project Details

  • Environment:

    ASP.NET Core, SQL Server, Bootstrap3.0, C#.NET, Entity Framework

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