Sri Balaji Impex Zebra with eCommerce

Project Description:

This website is used to publish all the Zebra related printing and bio metric products. Sri Balaji Impex is one of the Authorized Dealer. The following are the high lights of the website.

Applications users -
1. Super Admin, Sales Team, Customer
2. Customer can browse the products and add to the shopping cart and complete the order process with payment gateway.
3. Implemented Secured Payment Gateway using PayU
4. All the order information will be available to the sales team and process them accordingly.
5. Super Admin can manage the CMS pages, Reports related to Payments, Orders, Customers.
6. Notifications are implements for SMS and Email

Project Details

  • Environment:

    ASP.NET MVC, C#.NET, SQL Server, Entity Framework, HTML5, CSS3.0

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