eProcurement or Auction

Project Description:

CormSquare - eProcurement is a Cloud Purchase for small and medium enterprises. The following are the highlights of this product Smart Purchase: With CormSquare SmartPurchase, your purchase is Cheaper, Smarter and Faster
1. Procure at lower prices from premium suppliers 2. Digitize and automate your procurement process, so that you can make purchases faster and manage better 3. Setup private purchases, tenders, e-Auctions and RFQs 4. Digitized catalog and supplier Management 5. Supplier interaction and negotiation on the cloud

Data & Analytics: Insights and transparency as never before!
1. Real time information and insights
2. Make informed and smart purchase decisions
3. All transactions, communications and interactions on the cloud in a secure environment
4. Manage your data with 100% cloud scalability and security

Project Details

  • Environment:

    ASP.NET 4.5, MS SQL Server 2012, AJAX, JQuery, BootStrap, HTML 5

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